Do you like to travel? Do you want to visit other countries? History, geography, social studies, music, dance and traditional attire are all incorporated into my Multi-Cultural Folk Dance Assembly. Experience Japan, Italy, Kenya! See a performance of a classical Japanese fan dance and try some fan movements. See all the parts of a kimono, even try one on. Learn to count in Japanese while doing arm exercises which will prepare everyone for Taiko drumming. Next we might travel to Italy and learn an Italian folk dance, Cicerenella. What does that mean, Cicerenella? What are they singing about? Does anyone play hopscotch? There is a dance step that is just like hopscotch. Let's visit Kenya in Africa. See hand carved wooden spears, fabric and jewelry. The Masai tribe were lion hunters. Now you can learn their famous lion dance that includes a jumping competition. Bring it home, and celebrate America with rock and roll. Everyone learns rock dancing created from everyday activities and sports movements such as basketball, boxing, swimming, skating, typing and more.

In the course of this assembly, the students benefit from a general exposure to the various cultures from around the world. They experience both the process of learning by participation and the thrill of performance.

Dances might include: Chinese Ribbon Dance, African Lion Dance, Russian Trepak, Highland Fling, Japanese Fan Dance, Japanese Taiko Drumming, Italian Folk Dance, Australian Aboriginal Dance, Mexican Clap Dance, Merengue and others.

New Jersey Core Curriculum Standards: 1.1,1.2, 2.5, 6.2, 7.1

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